2nd Cisco Leadership Course Webinar: Design Thinking Mindset for SMEs

Webinar Session

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

10.00 AM (ID, TH, VN)

11:00 AM (MY, PH, SG)

Design-led organizations are known to outperform their competition because of how the teams approach problem-solving by focusing on customer experience. If you want to change a present situation into a preferred outcome, explore how Design Thinking can help you achieve this in our webinar on Design Thinking Mindset for SMEs.

Why Join the Webinar?

Design Thinking encompasses attitude, empathy, methods, tools, and processes that have been used by designers worldwide to bring in creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking for unique and innovative solutions. As an SME, you can make use of these best practices and start transforming your teams to become more “design thinkers” by learning about:

  • What is design thinking and why now?
  • Design Thinking Mindset principles
  • Leading Design Thinking Teams
  • Where to start – exploring best practices of Design Thinking practitioners

Course Materials

Course Content