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Handbook for MSME Access to Alternative Sources of Finance in ASEAN

This handbook aims to fill in some of the gaps in the existing literature within ASEAN on how MSMEs can find and access alternative sources of finance. It focuses particularly on business angel funding, venture capital investment, social impact investment, and equity crowdfunding. In addition the handbook provides pointers to how MSMEs should prepare to pitch their businesses to these financiers.

Click here to download the handbook.

Youth Development Resources

The Youth Skills Development Program by Alcoa aims to help Brunei Darussalam’s underprivileged youth either start their own business or develop job skills. The program offers: motivational talks, a business mentorship program, and a business microgrant scheme.

Finances by iCentre

iCentre strives to provide new opportunities for our local entrepreneurs and to build deeper relationships with regional ICT entrepreneurs. The Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge participants are able to access ideation and market validation workshops, pitching and mentoring sessions to equip participants with the skillds and insights to join this year’s competition.

IMMERSE Program by iCentre

An initiative by the iCentre, the IMMERSE program is a platform to identify and empower talents and ideas alongside promoting creativity, innovations and pro-activeness in the multimedia industry, an industry which spans several disciplines, including audio, video, game design, animation, modelling, simulation and interactive design.

Talking Technology & Entrepreneurship by iCentre

Innovate ‘Talking Technology & Entrepreneurship’ Forum is platform to promote a culture of innovation and Entrepreneurship with a global perspective in Brunei Darussalam. The forum explores topics like emerging trends in technologies, insights on successful startups, opportunities and challenges in securing investment funding. Over the years, iCentre has brought in international and regional speakers from recognized organizations.

Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB)

The BEDB is working with foreign and domestic investors to develop new economic opportunities where Brunei has competitive advantage, focusing on four key growth areas: attracting investments, strengthening local businesses, increasing R&D and innovation, and delivering infrastructure projects.

Department of Economic Planning and Development

The Department of Economic Planning and Development strives to encourage and support private sector participation in government development projects. Specific functions include preparation of economic development blueprints and evaluations of macroeconomic and sector performance. The Department also creates policies, and conducts research to enable effective implementation.

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Export Financing

The Export Financing Scheme (ERS) provides direct and indirect exporters with short-term financing before and after they make a delivery. These facilities are granted to companies registered and certified as an exporter.

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Enterprise Facilitation Scheme

The Enterprise Facilitation Scheme (EFS) makes this possible for you, granting SMEs financing up to a maximum amount of BND 5 million dollars to help your business on its way. EFS covers a wide range of activities, whether you are using the financed amount to purchase equipment, fund a project or contract, or increase your working capital.

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Finance Schemes

There are times when your business needs that extra cash to tide over. The Micro Credit Financing Scheme (MFS) enables our local SMEs to go further, allowing a maximum financing amount of BND 50,000. MFS caters for a wide range of industries, so whether you are in the industrial manufacturing sector or in consumer-based industries such as retail, food and beverage, or hospitality, your business is eligible to apply.